Steel Erection

For all of your steel erection requirements UK Structural Systems deliver a range of cost effective, practical solutions to meet even the most challenging of demands.

Delivering a successful steel erection service is entirely dependent on the team of technicians behind the task. At UK Structural Systems we have a refined selection of experienced individuals who come together as a cohesive team to ensure your steel erection project is being handled in a professional and safe manner at all times. From operating the technology and equipment required for the lifting and movement of steel, to the steel erection, our team are more than adept to any challenge and relish the opportunity to deliver a high quality service that exceeds your expectations.

Each and every stage of our steel erection process puts safety first; whether it’s ensuring the foundations are safe, or triple-checking that final bolt before signing off on the job, due diligence is a key component for steel erection at UK Structural Systems. We hold a high standard for our safety protocols, issuing lifting plans, method statements and risk assessments to our clients and any corresponding contractors for approval before commencing the steel erection.

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UK Structural Systems


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UK Manufactured

We use UK raw materials used in all our products, manufactured in the UK using UK quality materials and tradesmen.

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