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UK Structural Systems are established designers, fabricators and installers of high quality mezzanine floors that’re fit for purpose in any retail, commercial, industrial or public spaces in Hertfordshire.

Adding a mezzanine floor to your Hertfordshire location is all about asking the right questions to determine the viability and operational advantages of it. At UK Structural Systems we ask and answer those questions for you; detailing key information such as the stability of the area, fire safety, the potential uses of the mezzanine floor and how frequently it’ll be used – whether for storage, additional office space or anything in between.

Planning is vital when it comes to mezzanine floor fabrication and installation. Our experienced team of designers can deliver complete 3D representations of your mezzanine floor before any work is actually commenced at your Hertfordshire location. Through our 3D software, we can display how the final product will look once installed to give you a more developed understanding of how the accessibility around the surrounding area is changed, and how you can utilise the additional space created by your mezzanine floor to expand your operations in Hertfordshire.

UK Structural Systems

UK Structural Systems


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We use UK raw materials used in all our products, manufactured in the UK using UK quality materials and tradesmen.

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