Steel Walkways Paisley

UK Structural Systems design, fabricate and install all types of maintenance and access steel walkways for use in industrial, commercial or public environments throughout Paisley.

Whether you require a steel walkway for internal or external use in Paisley, our team can design bespoke solutions for your requirements while also ensuring the final product is entirely compliant with Paisley building regulations. We evaluate a variety of factors such as the environmental and operational safety factors onsite to determine the best steel walkway design – be it a solid floor steel walkway, or an open mesh steel walkway.

All of UK Structural Systems’ steel walkway solutions are to British standard and are carefully designed, fabricated and installed with health and safety and building regulations in mind, featuring the likes of handrails and balustrade where required.

Our fabricated steel walkways can be galvanized to competently handle heavy day-to-day footfall, as well as any of Paisley’s trademark weather. We also have an excellent in house painting department who can finalise your product with a smooth, aesthetically pleasing finish to ensure your steel walkway is integrated seamlessly with its Paisley surroundings.

UK Structural Systems

UK Structural Systems


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UK Manufactured

We use UK raw materials used in all our products, manufactured in the UK using UK quality materials and tradesmen.

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