Steel Fabrication East Kilbride

We have established a high output steel fabrication facility, capable of producing fabricated steelwork for a wide variety of clients across the spectrum for large and small scale projects in East Kilbride.

At UK Structural Systems, quality craftsmanship is at the core of our steel fabrication services in East Kilbride. We use industry-leading equipment and processes to fabricate high quality steelwork that’s faultless in its design. By the aid of computer numerical control (CNC) operated equipment our steelwork fabrication process is precise, while also having the additional benefit of being seamless in its operation to guarantee your project is handled with diligence so you, or we, can make the steelwork installation at your East Kilbride site in a timely manner.

Our steelwork fabrication facilities feature three no.3 tonne cranes and a combi-lift fork truck with a 4 tonne capability to handle our manufacturing capacity of up to 30 tonnes per week. Further supported by our powerful Voortman Drilling Line which has the capacity to drill up to 12,000mm long beams from as small as 127 x 76 U/B’s up to 914 x 419 U/B, the steel fabrication output at UK Structural Systems if fast, precise and unrivalled in quality.

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We use UK raw materials used in all our products, manufactured in the UK using UK quality materials and tradesmen.

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